MONKEY POLE......... (the evolution of recovery)

The sun throws
a shimmering
shadow on my wall.
A shadow within a shadow,
an image within a image
like a heat hazed mayhem.
I ponder a book
on the graphic works of
      M.C. ESCHER a man way
      ahead of his time, his drawings
of rippled water are like
the splash of shadowed summer
on my wall. The evolution
of his surrealism must have been like
the diagrams of Darwins mind,
you have to go down to come up.

Birds become fish and fish become sky
spanning acres of land.
Life is there in that shadow,
Dancing leaves upon my wall.

My carer put me to bed at 9pm and left
me to play with my monkey pole.

My home is like a hospital
there is a wet room and
and a wheelchair and rails for me
to pull up from but not

pull down.

this is a new poem and like the cafe can i ask you all to folllow the blog and tell me you are intersted if i set an exercise.   i need your support.


  1. im hoping that every one on blog will send me poems on website or email and follow this blog.

    this is my new poem.

  2. Excellent poem, Adrian. As graphic as the drawings you use as an image.